Friday, August 28, 2015

Kids Party Ideas

Throwing a Glow in the Dark Birthday party Throwing a Glow in the Dark Birthday party

Suitability: – ages 5 and up. I’m sure most people reading this would understand that such parties are held in almost complete blackness and lit up with the help of blacklights (UV lights); the safety of the children is paramount. Ensure there are no sharp or dangerous objects around the party and adult supervision is always present. This little... [Read more]

Princess Themed Kids Party Princess Themed Kids Party

If you’re in the mood for a royal celebration or just want to feel like you’re part of a Disney classic a pricess themed party is something you should organize for your kids. We’ve scoured the web for suggestions to make this a party your princess will remember forever. Princess Party Invitations Get these from  Decorations Wall... [Read more]

Free printable mario birthday party invitation card for kids Free printable mario birthday party invitation card for kids

The kids birthday parties blog team thinks that Mario rules. How many of you have kids that love Mario – the awesome soudtrack and the endless hours of fun. After last weeks’s posts about a Mario Brothers themed party we decided to give all our readers a freebie. Here’s a free printable mario birthday party invitation card for the... [Read more]

Nintendo (Mario) Theme Party Nintendo (Mario) Theme Party

I as most of you love to play video games and  probably spent most of the my childhood playing Mario Bros on Nintendo NES a game which has no age barriers. Now imagine the a party theme dedicated to the Mario Brothers where you can have your favorite Italian plumber entertaining your guests and not to forget Princes Peach. It would be a place where... [Read more]

Circus Themed party Circus Themed party

Kids love clowns and clowns have always been an important part of the circus, offering a source of entertainment. The party can be arranged in variety of ways.The only limit is your imagination The idea is to create your own backyard circus it is simple to build a canopy with glimmering colours to build up an appropriate atmosphere for the party where... [Read more]

Ben 10 themed party Ben 10 themed party

Ben 10 is a very poplar television show that has influenced many kids worldwide. This cartoon series is based on Ben Tennyson, a teenager, who has a unique ability to change himself into 10 various types of aliens. It says that all this is due to some watch he found at a crash site of an alien spacecraft. Since many of the kids are well versed with... [Read more]

Zoo themed party Zoo themed party

This theme is a great way of enjoyment. We usually go to the zoo to visit the animals and let our children learn few things about the animals’ habitat and lifestyles. Arranging a zoo themed party for kids would be a fun way in its own expression. After hearing about this type of a party, it is sure that the children are bound to get amazed and delighted.... [Read more]

Pokemon themed party Pokemon themed party

Make believe creatures and animations are the few things by which children often get fascinated. Cartoon channels have spread these words very rapidly amongst every kid. Be it any cartoon featured program like Digimon, Dragon ball-Z or Pokemon. Oh! Did I just say Pokemon, the biggest craze of children at one time? Not a single child would dare to miss... [Read more]

Winne the pooh themed party pooh themed party

Winnie the Pooh is one of the sweetest and the cutest of all the characters we have come across so far. Not only Winnie but also the other characters that go along with him in the series make a wonderful group. Young girls and boys too, are very fond of these characters, especially Pooh. I am sure quite a big percentage of kids do not sleep without... [Read more]

Ocean themed party Ocean themed party

When we think of the ocean, it just reminds us of lots and lots of deep blue water. But can you imagine what it could be if we had a party based on this theme! The Ocean, the word itself reminds you of various fish, corals, shells of different shapes, design, colors and sizes, and off course then deep blue sea water as is mentioned above. An Ocean themed... [Read more]

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